First wedding night

First wedding night with Charlotte

I went into the bedroom and was stunned – Charlotte was on her knees on the bed in her underwear and stockings. I quickly walked over to her and we kissed.

She knelt on the couch and greeted me with her lips. Oh, it was a different kiss. Kiss which I did not know. His head exploded flash enthusiastic salute. I remembered how I was to masturbate on HUBNUDE and it was cool. Together we swayed from side to side, then with the music our bodies slid apart and her belly pressed against my tummy, breasts caressed, enjoying with the nipples line. Her hands stroked my back, chest, fell on my buttocks, causing a shiver of pleasure, nails gently dug into the skin of what I exhaled loudly, and she liked it. We did not say a word, everything seemed no matter but our bodies. She dug into my lips, kissing my breasts, licking nipples and I would like to respond to her the same affection, but we had a lot of time and  it was her turn to torment me. I fainted in her arms, she melted in front of me. I heard sexually carnivorous breath knocked out of her mouth.

I loved the smell of her hot body mixed with fine perfume, improbable smoothness of her skin beneath my hands and lips. I felt startle each of her veins under the thin skin. I enjoyed of her breath that smelled of milk and beckoned again and again to her lips. I’m fond of any part of her body and could not tear myself away from her until she began to beg me. I kissed her neck, magic tender breasts, fingers, until the next pray sounded and I proceed to the next tempting part of her body.

From top up of the panties have no skin left not subjected to my caresses. I decided to take off her panties, but decided to began from fingers of lovely slender legs. Panties slid off her hips, revealing a view of the seductive pubis decorated with a thin strip of hairs rushing right between the legs. I pulled off her panties with raised feet for easy and immediately took up with little fingers with bright varnish.

I massaged them, then feet, gracefully turning into elastic ankle. She has openly moaning from these caresses. Going from leg to leg, up to the full hips, passing for the first time in my life this road of passion from the knees to above to the  tempting subject. I spent my fingers on the inside of the thighs, where the skin was particularly gentle, and she trembled beneath me. I kissed her pussy and felt the smell! Legs parted, and I plunged into the magic of the female essence. What a cozy and clean place!

I finished with such enthusiasm that never experienced! And when I was a little rested, magic Charlotte’s mouth picked up my cock, she stood doggystyle and once again we started passionate sex. Then Charlotte offered me to cum in her wonderful round ass, which she lubricated with some cream. Then she told me that that night she decided that I have visited in all her holes. And it was a pleasure to her. Videos of all her holes can be seen on

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